Huckleberry Lemonade and Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Lemonade 

Nothing goes with a Rescue Dog gourmet hot dog like an ice cold Huckleberry Lemonade. Our signature drink will have you feeling refreshed on a hot day and pairs perfectly with any of our signature dogs. 




Feeling Sweet?

Huckleberry Hound by Rescue Dog

Of course we are known for our first class hotdogs, but you are missing out if you haven't tried our Huckleberry Hound™! Grab a spoon and dive in to this flavor packed dessert that's sure to put a smile on your face. This tasty dessert is available on certain trucks seasonally or by special request when having a Rescue Dog catering your event! 


Huckleberry Hound

A warm glazed donut with a scoop of rich vanilla bean ice cream, Rescue Dog Huckleberry Jam with whole berries swirled around the edge, and topped with a Salted Caramel drizzle.



History of Wild Huckleberries

Huckleberries are found in many Pacific Northwest National Forests. They thrive in the Rocky Mountains and are most commonly found in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. Huckleberries are found in higher elevations and picked during the mid-late summer months in the wild.
          Huckleberries are used in all types of dishes ranging from candies, syrups, jams, baked goods, raw and were frequently used for medicinal purposes by the Native Americans. With high vitamin C it protects the body against immune deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems and eye disease. Huckleberries are also an excellent source of vitamin A and B which promotes a healthy metabolism.
          Frequently compared to blueberries, huckleberries are darker in color with a signature purple juice with a more potent flavor. The taste can range from tart to sweet depending on time of year, size, and which huckleberry plant it came from.
          Unable to grow easily in controlled conditions huckleberries are picked yearly in the wild, hence why huckleberries are considered a more expensive berry. Unable to be mass produced this juicy berry is picked by hand one berry at a time. Frequently found in hard to reach elevations coupled with being a favorite treat for bears, deer and other wild the berry is in high demand!
          Huckleberry is a crowd pleaser with its unique taste, color, and rarity outside the Northwest. With our distribution network we can now introduce the rest of the world to the powerful and delicious flavor with our Huckleberry Hound dessert. Or for those who have gotten hooked to it's delicious flavor, we now have Jams available here!