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Support Local Animal Shelters

A percentage of sales plus ALL "tips" from the donation jar is donated to your local non-kill animal shelters. RET #1 over the last two years has donated over $30,000 with community support!

Gourmet Hot Dogs

Rescue Dog

We believe in making a difference in our local communities.

Rescue Dog is based on the 3 C's of our core beliefs. Great Cuisine, Great Cause, and Community!

Our great Cuisine is all about our 100% All Beef Hot Dogs. Our 1/3lb dogs take our gourmet recipes to the next level with this “promotional” size hot dog.

Our great Cause which is all about making a difference with donations to local non-kill animal shelters. Not only does a percentage of sales get donated, but instead of tips we accept donations for our local shelters.

Lastly we believe in making a difference in local communities. Not only do our franchisees join the Rescue Dog community but they become a part of their own local community through outreach programs.

We believe in making a change. We will help you start your entrepreneurial journey with a Rescue Dog franchise of your own. Be your own boss with Rescue Dog and start helping your community today!

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