Quality Ingredients

Every ingredient in our Gourmet Hot Dog recipes has been chosen for its quality and taste. We believe in making the tastiest, best-est, explosion of flavor dog you'll ever taste, and we we know it all begins with the finest ingredients. We also feature our own Brand Exclusive Recipes!

A unique recipe created by Rescue Dog is The Ranch Dog Dill Dip. Pairs perfectly with our crunchy kettle chips, but for those daring individuals it can make a great addition to your hot dog!

Miss Lavender's Huckleberry Lemonade the perfect mix of sweet and tart. Reviewed as "{...} their huckleberry lemonade is on point"


The added dash of Chief's Secret Seasoning takes a few of our select recipes to the next level. 

Rescue Dog Huckleberry Jam is what makes our Huckleberry Hound dessert  the right amount of sweetness. The dessert features a warm glazed donut, vanilla ice cream, Rescue Dog Huckleberry Jam, and a drizzle of salted caramel. Highly raved over it is the sweet treat of summer. 


We know Gourmet Flavor!