Own It

Ready for a change? Join the Rescue Dog Family and start your entrepreneurial journey with your own franchise!

Rescue Dog stands apart from other franchises with our fresh outlook on what a company should be. We are a community minded franchise that thinks that making change in your local community is what we need in today's world. We believe in great Cuisine, great Cause, and Community.

Great Cuisine- our franchise believes in top quality ingredients for an out of this world hot dog. Using 1/3LB All Beef Hot Dogs made right here in the USA, top quality ingredients, and our brand exclusive recipes we know you can have good food, at a price that won't break the bank.

Great Cause- Each franchise donates all of their "tips" and a percentage of every sale to non-kill animal adoption centers local to their area. 

Community - We created this business with the intention of not being another corporate giant that is disconnected from their franchisees. We want to keep the small town feel with the corporate backend support. Each potential franchisee is vetted and carefully considered before being awarded a franchise. 

Our Franchise model is one that allows you to make your own path. Whether you wish to make this your full time gig and become your own boss or to operate just 60 days out of the year, the choice is yours!
Every step of the way our team will be there to support you. We aren't just a franchise, we are a Community! 


To receive more information email info@rescuedogfranchising.com or visit Rescue Dog Franchising