Cost includes travel within 15 miles of 205 18th Street E, Kalispell MT 59901,
Full Combo meal with chips, dill dip, and drink for each guest, Combo Meal box and napkins/silverware for each guest.
Number of each Combo desired is needed one week in advance. If not specified, Combos will be divided equally between meal options chosen.
Mileage surcharge for events exceeding 15 miles*

Catering Options

-1/4LB Hot Dog* 

- Puppy Hot Dog (1/8LB)*

Toppings include our Signature Styles: Rescue, Loyal, Papa, Lost, Alpha, Big, and Classic. 

Other Topping Options can be discussed prior to pricing. 


Email to discuss our catering options and prices. 
Client agrees that a $200.00 non-refundable deposit will be paid to hold the day. Deposit will be applied to an invoice which will remain Client's invoice throughout. Deposit counts as first payment on balance. Client may make adjustments to that invoice until three weeks prior. Client agrees to pay Rescue Dog in full three weeks prior to event based on final invoice. 


Mileage surcharge*
75 cents per mile, to event and back.

Catering Contract